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Welcome to The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund’s mission is to defend religious freedom by providing protective legal services at the trial level to persons whose religious liberty and free-speech rights have been attacked. FCDF is a nonprofit public-interest law firm which defends the conscience rights and religious freedom of those of all faiths and no faith.

What makes FCDF unique—and so very much needed—is its focus on trial-level defense. Whereas other public-interest attorneys and nonprofits tend to focus their work at the appellate level, FCDF has seasoned expertise at the trial-court level where these rights most need to be defended. Too many cases never get to the appellate level—precisely because harassed, oppressed, intimidated men and women do not have the resources to defend their rights at trial. That is where the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund comes in. Moreover, FCDF is the only such firm based in California, where the push against religious liberty is particularly strong.

Mt. Soledad Cross Case

The Mt. Soledad Cross Case, in which FCDF represented the city of San Diego in preventing the removal of the Memorial Cross that has stood at a city park since 1954. That case is currently pending and is also expected to

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